“Busy professional woman who overcame lifelong struggles with weight”

    I was honestly surprised that I was able to achieve so much in about 24 weeks. Overall, I managed to shed 30kg (4st 7lbs) and cut my body fat in half! I previously would have never believed this could be possible, but the comparison between my old photos and new photos don’t lie! When I visit family members or friends who I haven’t seen for a long time, they all ask me what I did to undergo such dramatic physical changes. I feel healthier; I feel fitter; I have energy. I’m no longer constantly out of breath when I rush to get to a meeting or if I climb a few stairs. My preexisting back pain is completely gone. I have full mobility and am PAIN FREE! My life has changed thanks to Dominic and his fitness programs.

    Sarah M – Age 33
    London, United Kingdom