“A big THANK YOU to Dom for his motivational online coaching program”

    Let me start by saying that Dominic at UltimateBodyz.com was a blessing from above. He helped give me back hope and a renewed belief in myself. I have battled hormonal imbalances and food sensitivities for most of my life. As a result, I have always had low energy levels and have struggled with my weight. When socializing with my other single girlfriends, I would feel self-conscious and insecure when men would usually show interest in them, rather than me. I dreaded shopping and trying on new clothes because nothing seemed to fit properly for my body type. Thank goodness Dominic’s online coaching programs are tailored for every individual. What I loved most was the convenience of using his awesome app on my phone, which enabled me to maintain a diary to record daily info about food, exercise, etc. I initially reached out to Dominic to ask a lot of questions and get information. He made me feel extremely comfortable, and I decided to sign up for his 12-week program, which literally transformed my body and mindset. Men are now approaching me and noticing me. I am confident when I go out now. Even my friends tell me that I glow with confidence! In fact, I’ve managed to influence them to also enroll in their own personalized program with Ultimate Bodyz. As for me, I can’t stop now! I plan to move on to Dominic’s advanced program! : )

    Katie S – Age 27
    Los Angeles, California