“Driven business owner: from fast food lover to fitness fanatic in 16 weeks”

    It’s hard to believe that I was once a busy business owner, who never thought about what I was eating nor the importance of exercise. For years, I had only focused on getting my business up and running, so my health took a backseat. My weight had crept up gradually, mainly due to long work hours and eating too much fast food and prepackaged meals on the go. My personal assistant actually discovered Ultimate Bodyz and forwarded Dominic’s social media profile and website to me. Only after I was confronted with a medical emergency did I decide to take action and contact Dominic to help me make some crucial health-related changes.

    I got on board with Dom’s initial program pretty quickly, and although I had never weight trained properly in the past and didn’t know how to structure my diet with real, whole foods, I found it easy to transition myself into a new routine and diet because the programs were so clear, basic, and didn’t involve a great deal of thought once it was underway. Dominic was available to me 24/7, which is one of the perks of an online trainer. My schedule is so hectic and uncertain that his accessibility around the clock was a huge key to my success.
    My overall results were astounding. I dropped 9kg over a 16-week period, and my body fat dropped from 23.5% to a shredded 6.4%.

    My experience with UltimateBodyz.com has truly been impressive. Not only did I watch my body evolve, but my attitude towards fitness has also done a complete 360 degrees. I am still as busy as ever with my business, but I am now also committed to working out and living a more balanced life.

    Dave P – Age 42
    Sydney, Australia