Success Stories


    The workouts will kick your butt every time, plus they can be modified for beginners and those with more experience. It’s for everyone and I love it!

    Amiee T

    I’ve tried every form of training from CrossFit to Orange Theory Fitness (bored out of my mind running on treadmills). Take advantage of their FREE trial, after a few sessions you’ll be hooked!

    Evan T

    F45 is the most dynamic, efficient, and enjoyable work out I have ever done! The sense of community here is so very special.

    Talia B

    LITERALLY THE ABSOLUTE BEST! The workouts are very challenging and I always leave feeling like I did some serious work. The trainers are AWESOME!

    Lauren B
    “Driven business owner: from fast food lover to fitness fanatic in 16 weeks”

    It’s hard to believe that I was once a busy business owner, who never thought about what I was eating nor the importance of exercise. For years, I had only focused on getting my business up and running, so my health took a backseat. My weight had crept up gradually, mainly due to long work hours and eating too much fast food and prepackaged meals on the go. My personal assistant actually discovered Ultimate Bodyz and forwarded Dominic’s social media profile and website to me. Only after I was confronted with a medical emergency did I decide to take action and contact Dominic to help me make some crucial health-related changes.

    I got on board with Dom’s initial program pretty quickly, and although I had never weight trained properly in the past and didn’t know how to structure my diet with real, whole foods, I found it easy to transition myself into a new routine and diet because the programs were so clear, basic, and didn’t involve a great deal of thought once it was underway. Dominic was available to me 24/7, which is one of the perks of an online trainer. My schedule is so hectic and uncertain that his accessibility around the clock was a huge key to my success.
    My overall results were astounding. I dropped 9kg over a 16-week period, and my body fat dropped from 23.5% to a shredded 6.4%.

    My experience with has truly been impressive. Not only did I watch my body evolve, but my attitude towards fitness has also done a complete 360 degrees. I am still as busy as ever with my business, but I am now also committed to working out and living a more balanced life.

    Dave P – Age 42
    Sydney, Australia
    “A big THANK YOU to Dom for his motivational online coaching program”

    Let me start by saying that Dominic at was a blessing from above. He helped give me back hope and a renewed belief in myself. I have battled hormonal imbalances and food sensitivities for most of my life. As a result, I have always had low energy levels and have struggled with my weight. When socializing with my other single girlfriends, I would feel self-conscious and insecure when men would usually show interest in them, rather than me. I dreaded shopping and trying on new clothes because nothing seemed to fit properly for my body type. Thank goodness Dominic’s online coaching programs are tailored for every individual. What I loved most was the convenience of using his awesome app on my phone, which enabled me to maintain a diary to record daily info about food, exercise, etc. I initially reached out to Dominic to ask a lot of questions and get information. He made me feel extremely comfortable, and I decided to sign up for his 12-week program, which literally transformed my body and mindset. Men are now approaching me and noticing me. I am confident when I go out now. Even my friends tell me that I glow with confidence! In fact, I’ve managed to influence them to also enroll in their own personalized program with Ultimate Bodyz. As for me, I can’t stop now! I plan to move on to Dominic’s advanced program! : )

    Katie S – Age 27
    Los Angeles, California
    “Hello, ABDOMINALS! Nice to meet you ”

    I had been intensively training for a good 7 yrs, and during that time I thought I was taking all the right steps to becoming more lean and muscular. Still, I had never been able to achieve the abs definition that I desperately wanted. I started believing that maybe bad genetics was going to be my enemy forever. No matter what I tried (diets, training programs, and thousands of ab crunches), the results seemed minimal. I was blessed to find Dominic at Ultimate Bodyz who put me on his “Shredded Abs in 12-Weeks” program. At first, I admit I was very skeptical that it would even work. Why? Did I also mention that I have used 2-3 personal trainers in the past? Having an online coach/trainer seemed like a waste of money. After talking to Dominic and learning about his background, knowledge base, and science behind his techniques, I thought…why not?! And BOOM!!! What a wonderful trainer and great program! I HAVE DEFINED ABS, and people now approach me to ask how I finally did it. My reply to them is to connect with Dom at He is a supportive, loyal and experienced person who cares about the well-being of his clients and will push you to the next level. Thanks a million, Dom!! I feel (and look) like a new man, and your training regimen has changed my whole life. Thank you…Thank you!!

    Branson K – Age 30
    Twickenham, United Kingdom
    “I lost over 20 pounds”

    My family was my motivating factor for choosing to become healthier. I hated not being able to keep up with my beautiful 6 yr old daughter Cindy. I constantly felt exhausted, so it was difficult to do activities like run around with Cindy in the backyard or go swimming with her in the summer. Now, not only do I play with my energetic, ball-of-fire daughter, but I have also lost over 20 pounds of body fat! Plus, my wife is SO proud of me and very happy that I’ve become a more fit person. I plan to stick around and experience life with my family for many, many more years.

    Kevin J – Age 36
    Louisiana, United States
    “Busy professional woman who overcame lifelong struggles with weight”

    I was honestly surprised that I was able to achieve so much in about 24 weeks. Overall, I managed to shed 30kg (4st 7lbs) and cut my body fat in half! I previously would have never believed this could be possible, but the comparison between my old photos and new photos don’t lie! When I visit family members or friends who I haven’t seen for a long time, they all ask me what I did to undergo such dramatic physical changes. I feel healthier; I feel fitter; I have energy. I’m no longer constantly out of breath when I rush to get to a meeting or if I climb a few stairs. My preexisting back pain is completely gone. I have full mobility and am PAIN FREE! My life has changed thanks to Dominic and his fitness programs.

    Sarah M – Age 33
    London, United Kingdom

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