Staying Fit Through The Holidays

If you’ve recently started a workout program, you may be looking ahead and wondering how staying fit through the holidays is even possible. For those who have been exercising and eating healthy for year, you know it’s not easy, but certainly worth the effort. Not only is the holiday season busy, it’s stressful and filled with delicious, yet quite fattening foods that can make a healthy diet go on tilt. Here are some tips that will be helpful before you sit down to that family Thanksgiving dinner.

Make your dinner a healthy one and let yourself eat some of the goodies.

If you’re making the dinner, you have control of what everyone eats. That doesn’t mean a tofurkey should be the main dish. Slow cook turkey breasts instead of making the whole turkey. If you make a whole turkey, avoid self-basting and especially deep fried turkey. Make a healthy stuffing out of whole onions, halved apples or lemons and fresh herbs like sage, marjoram, type and rosemary. Serve lower calorie vegetable gravy and cut calories in the mashed potatoes with some of the potato water or by adding cauliflower to the potatoes. There are a number of recipes that are super healthy that you can either contribute to a “bring-a-dish” meal or plan for your main meal.

Keep your workout schedule, which will help reduce stress.

Working out should be a top priority. Not only will it help you stay in shape, it’s a stress buster and who doesn’t need that during the holiday season? Schedule it in first and work around that schedule. It’s often best to schedule it in the morning, but many organizations and offices have a breakfast holiday celebration. Don’t sweat it. Have mini workouts ready that you can do in ten minutes several times a day.

Add an active touch to the holiday festivities.

Plan a walk after dinner. Your guests will often love it. It not only helps boost your exercise time, it can help avoid grazing that occurs when everyone sits and talks. If possible, consider going for a ride on bicycles after the meal. Plan a family football or baseball game or other friendly competition. If you’re planning for more rigorous exercise, give your stomach time to digest the food.

  • You can eat a few of the special treats you only have on Thanksgiving. Eating healthy isn’t about depriving yourself. Just remember portion control and limit it to a few. If you go overboard, start anew the next day.
  • If you’re hosting the dinner, use smaller plates. It’s especially easy if you’re using paper plates.
  • Snack on healthy food before Thanksgiving dinner. It cuts your appetite. If you’re going to someone else’s house, fill up at home first with healthy food. You’ll be less hungry when dinner time arrives.
  • Wear tighter clothing. Don’t opt for sweats or comfy pants. Those tighter pants will tell you when to put the brakes on eating.

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