Relieve Stress With Exercise

You don’t have to be in a high corporate position to have loads of stress on the job. In fact, according to some studies, military personnel have one of the most stressful positions. Luckily, most military men are well aware that you can relieve stress with exercise. Here in Houston, Texas it seems every job has its stresses. Just being a parent can be extremely stressful…especially if your children are teens! That’s one reason many people come to the gym and why they leave feeling so much better.

Exercise burns off the hormones of stress.

When you’re under stress, your body creates hormones to prepare it for fight or flight. In the early days of man, stress came from wild animal attacks, warring tribes or getting food for supper. The stress was there and burnt off immediately after running or taking action. Today, stressors are everywhere. They can occur in a traffic jam, when shopping and even when we’re out for fun when things go wrong. Unlike the caveman, stress doesn’t end when the stressor goes away. That’s because we aren’t on foot, haven’t run and hopefully haven’t fought. Exercise provides that movement that resembles running and fighting. The body knows no difference and burns off the hormones.

Scientist have proven that exercise can help anxiety and depression.

There’s a lot of evidence that shows that just ten minutes of walking can help to relieve anxiety and depression. In fact, many of the studies show it actually works faster than medication, providing almost immediate relief that lasts for several hours. Other studies show that sedentary people suffer from anxiety and depression more than those who are active, so working out can help improve mental health by aiding it in dealing with stress. One study followed a group of individuals for over five years and found that vigorous exercise reduced the risk of both anxiety and depression by 25 percent.

The feel good hormones are released with exercise.

Who hasn’t heard of the “runner’s high?” It’s the feeling that occurs after you’ve worked out hard. It comes from endorphins that are the body’s natural pain killers and other hormones that give people a sense of well being and relaxation. When you exercise, you’ll sleep better at night and that rest can also help reduce stress throughout the next day. Exercise not only burns off hormones of stress, it helps prevent stress from occurring by keeping you well rested.

  • You’ll be far happier and less stressed when you see and feel all the positive changes exercise does for the body. It gives you a feeling of control while it boosts your self-image and confidence.
  • Exercise can also provide social connections. If you exercise with a group of friends, odds are you’ll walk away smiling. I see people making friendships every day at the gym, too.
  • Exercise can boost your energy level. When you feel at full power, it gives you a happier disposition that’s less prone to be stressed.
  • Help yourself to eliminate stress by avoiding arguing on social media and instead, have a quick workout ready to do instead. Those few minutes will help you scroll down and maybe even lift the stress of others.

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