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Have you started workout programs before but quit them because you weren’t seeing the results you hoped to achieve? Maybe it’s time you checked into the services of a personal trainer in Pearland. There are many reasons people fail at getting fit. Quitting before seeing results is probably the biggest reason. Most people don’t intend to quit, it’s just part of the process. First, they have a day that goes wrong, so rather than work out, they skip it just for that night. Before you know it, many days in a row are skipped and pretty soon, there’s no program.

When you workout with a trainer, you have an appointment.

Working with a trainer is much like having a doctor’s appointment. You’re more apt to make it to the appointment than you would be if you were just going to the gym. After all, if you miss going to the gym, you’re the only one who knows you’ve missed it. The trainer holds you accountable for your workout time. He or she also checks your progress, so you’ll often workout harder.

Trainers get better results because they know the workouts that get results.

Not all exercise is alike. Some get better results than others do. While running may burn calories and boost your endurance, it also can get those calories from using muscle tissue as the source. It’s not all about just burning calories while you’re exercising, but also about maintaining muscle mass. Muscle mass requires more calories to maintain than fat tissue does. The more you have, the higher your resting metabolism and the more calories you burn 24/7. Strength training preserves and builds muscle tissue AND burns calories.

A personal trainer will show you the right way to do each exercise.

Even if you’re watching a video and have a mirror where you can watch yourself exercise, you don’t always know if you’re doing the workout right. Sometimes, the right form requires you to inhale at a certain point or turn your arm just right. Doing the exercise wrong can even cause injury or at least make the workout less effective. A trainer not only shows you how to do the exercise, he or she watches to ensure you have to right form.

  • Trainers can keep you motivated when the going gets tough. He or she tracks your progress, so when you’re having a tough time, the trainer can show you how much improvement you’ve made.
  • When you workout with a trainer, you’ll have a program designed specifically for your needs and level of fitness. You’ll work hard, but still safely within your capabilities.
  • Some trainers offer group programs that are fun and a fraction of the cost of private training. You’ll still get all the benefits of having a personal trainer.
  • Working with a trainer gets faster results and results are powerful motivators.

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