Meal Prep Is Key

How many of you have left work trying to think of what to have for supper, entered the grocery store and found that there were dozens of junk food items in your cart at checkout. Of course, you put them in there. They looked super yummy because you were hungry. What also followed was a crash and burn of your plans to lose weight or eat healthier as you opened a few in the car before you reached home. Anything worth achieving is work planning for and that’s why meal prep is so important.

Create a shopping list on the weekend or when you have time to shop.

The key is to plan your meals and then shop for the items you need to make them with when you’re full, never after a day of work. People who start meal prep often find that eating healthy actually saves them money. They don’t have hundreds of dollars spent on junk food every year and they also don’t have as many medical issues. They also find that it saves them far more time than they ever thought possible.

Save time, too.

When you do meal prep, plan meals that keep well in the freezer and make enough for several meals. The first few weeks you’ll be working harder, but after that, it will be a breeze. You’ll only have to make a few meals and use the ones you froze earlier to fill in the gaps. Some meals can be as simple as salads, adding to the ease of cooking. You won’t be left wondering what to cook for supper or what to eat for lunch, either.

You’ll have everything pre-measured, so there’s no guesswork about calories or carbs.

When you prepare meals ahead of time, put them in compartment meal prep freezer containers that are ready to microwave and serve. You don’t have to stick with just supper. Consider making a quick breakfast that only takes heating and serving. If you’re not a morning person, you’ll appreciate not having to think that much before noon. Everything is pre-measured, so there’s no hassle.

  • Snacks are an important part of healthy eating. Make sure you have ones ready for mid-morning or mid-afternoon. It won’t take much, a pre-measured baggy of nuts is one idea.
  • When you create your menu, try to use all the food you purchase throughout the week. You can grill those veggies for a salad topper and also put use them as a side dish in a meal.
  • Vary your menu each week. As you accumulate meals, you’ll have a wide variety from which to choose. Make sure you date the container, so you can eat before it’s too late.
  • Make sure every meal contains a quality protein, a complex carbohydrate and some healthy fat.

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