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F45 is known for creating the most effective workout method for sculpting the body and helping build lean muscles.

As you may have guessed from our name, all of our workout are only 45 minutes. We recognize that you live a busy life so we strive to maximize your time by giving you challenging programs that yield incredible results.

The workout themselves are a combination of High Intensity interval Training, Circuit Training, and Functional Training, which are lead by a trainer in an engaging group setting. We make sure that you will never be bored at the gym.
The system that we have developed utilizes 31 different workout environments that provide a  wide array of choices for our clientele. Changing up the program is strongly encouraged at F45. We make sure that you will have access to a different workout every time they come to the gym.

We are striving to be on the cutting edge of technology in the fitness industry. Our technology provides our members with a organized diagram of each daily workout. Our heart monitor is a tool that our trainers use to analyze each workout. This technology helps our clients burn fat quickly and gain functional lean muscle.


If you are not satisfied with your results after six months despite of following our program as prescribed, we will help you get started at a new gym. We are so confident in our program, that we will even pay the first month of services.

New to F45 Training? Discover our revolutionary programs with

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