Fitness Tips For Busy Moms

I like to provide fitness tips for busy moms because too often, they put other people’s needs ahead of their own, even skipping healthy eating and exercise. That’s not noble! Your family needs you and they need you healthy, so your fitness regimen should be at the top of the list of priorities, not down at the bottom with cleaning out the junk drawer. It’s tough being a busy mom and if you’re also working outside the home, even tougher. Here are some tips to help you get and stay healthy.

Create a routine and stick with it.

Schedule your workout. Whether you’re a stay home mom or one that works, when you put a workout in your schedule, you’re more apt to do it. Some moms that stay at home don’t have a particular schedule, but a routine. They get the kids up, get them breakfast, clean the house and etc. For a while, until you include working out in your routine, create an actual schedule. Make working out as much of a priority as a doctor’s appointment. That’s the same advice for moms that work outside the home.

Plan meals and create them on the weekend.

Planning healthy meals and snacks not only can keep your weight in check and provide good nutrition for you and your family, it also can save you money. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive. Choose one day during the weekend to create the meals for the week and then freeze them. When supper time comes, just pop them in the oven or microwave to heat. The time you take planning for the next week should be the done the previous week. Prepare a shopping list while you plan and you’ll be less prone to buy treats. If you can’t prepare all the meals in one or two weekend days (for those that work outside the home) make double batches and freeze half for later.

Have a backup plan.

When you’re raising a family, stuff happens. Kids get sick, the car breaks down or other disaster hits. Have an at home workout for those days you can’t make it to the gym. You don’t have to have a lot of equipment if you use body weight exercises. For strength training days, you can use a workout with resistance bands. If you’re working with a personal trainer, ask him or her to create an at home workout for you. Practice it with the trainer at the gym so you know it well.

  • Get plenty of sleep. Yes, to be your healthiest you need sleep. Even if you have a mountain of work, you’ll get less done if you keep going past exhaustion. It’s often better to catch some zzzs and come back fresh.
  • Drink plenty of water. Have a bottle of water with you at all times and sip on it throughout the day. Water not only hydrates you and gives you an energy boost, it can help with appetite control.
  • No time to workout? Get up earlier or break your workout into several shorter sessions. If you want to get 45 minutes of exercise in every day, nobody says it has to be all at one time. Make each short session at least ten minutes long.
  • Eat a good breakfast and have healthy snacks ready. A healthy breakfast with fiber, protein, healthy fat and carbs can fill you up, not out. If you’re prone to snacking, having healthy snacks ready is a real benefit.

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