Develop A New Healthy Habit This Month

If you’re living in Houston, Texas and want to be fitter and healthier, there’s no need to start everything at once. You can develop a new healthy habit this month and stick with it until it’s second nature. Once it’s ingrained as a habit, start on your next one. Some of my clients didn’t start out in my gym, but first started their exercise program by committing to walking every day. Others may have started by focusing on health eating or getting adequate sleep.

Make the changes in order of simplicity.

For the junk food eating couch potato that puffs on cigarettes all day, followed by a few stiff drinks, don’t think of how far you have to go, but focus on one habit at a time. While that person described may be an exaggeration, it provides an opportunity for groundwork. Pick just one thing you want to change. For your first selection, make it something easier, just to get you moving. In fact, just getting moving may be exactly what you need to start with. Start a workout program, making it easy at first.

If you decide to eat healthier, make a few changes at a time.

Maybe you want to eat healthier. Start by eating healthier snacks or cutting out fried foods. It’s easier to change a few things in your diet each week. Maybe just giving up sugar or processed foods at first is your best way to start. That’s a huge step and doesn’t require a lot of education to do. Switching out your daily donut or candy bar for fresh fruit is a small change, just as switching out your cola for water can be. All these changes can start you on the road to healthier eating.

If you’re going for a big move, like cutting out cigarettes, get your other ducks in a row.

It’s easier to quit smoking and avoid weight gain if you’ve already started a workout program and established healthier eating habits. Trying to change your diet while you’re still withdrawing from nicotine is a floor plan for failure. Doing everything at once simply won’t get you to the goals you want to achieve, unless you’re a very special person. For most people, including myself, it’s simply too much to process at once.

  • If you want to make a super simple change, drink more water. If you don’t already drink 8-8 oz glasses already, start carrying water and sipping on it throughout the day. If you have a soft drink or two throughout the day, substitute water for that soft drink.
  • Get more sleep at night. Start going to bed earlier. You can start with a half hour earlier and work your way toward 7-9 hours of sleep. Keep the television, computer and cell phone out of your bedroom.
  • Small changes, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further from the door at the grocery, can make a difference over the long haul.
  • Sit down when you eat, serve food on smaller plates and practice leaving some food on the plate and quitting the plate cleaner’s club. These are small changes that will also lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

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