Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellbeing Programs


Stop wasting money with presentations and programs that don’t engage your workforce over the long haul. Work with us to plan events and programs that will have your employees engaged and gets them the body transforming results that will lower your health care cost. We have a team of vendors that are ready to show you best practices to increase engagement and excitement around your wellbeing programs while saving you more money than you ever imagined was possible for the return on investment. There will be plenty of data to report back to your C-suite executives. Get started with us today, inject life into your Wellbeing program, and change your culture now!

Terrick, you have done an amazing job of not only improving our wellbeing programs but changing the culture of our company across North America! What’s even more extraordinary is how quickly you accomplished the changes! Unbelievable!


– Badar Khan

President, National Grid 

Former CEO, Direct Energy

Wellbeing at Work & in Their Pockets

Fitness Wellbeing – Onsite branded group exercise classes (F45), Online Wellbeing coaching, Fitness app (discounted for employees & families), discounted memberships

Nutrition Wellbeing – Onsite zero to low cost food solutions, Chef demos, Nutrition app, Customized meal plans & recipes (discounted for employees & families)

Financially Fit Program – financial checkup, portfolio review, financial roadmap vs literacy, Preferred Rates for $$$avings, & Mutual Funds.

Wellbeing & Social Event Planning – Raise awareness, increase employee engagement, & promote company programs

Quarterly challenges – helps keep employees & their families engaged, body transformations, & video testimonials

Fit 3D Body Scans – Self service kiosk, Full 3D body scans in 35 seconds, must have a private area and employees must bring workout attire to change into before taking the scans.

Weekly Youtube video podcast – Mental, Physical, & Financial Wellbeing

Co-branded company clothing & swag – Landing page for employees to shop

Communication – Marketing materials, Engaging email subject headline & copy, establish relationship with internal communications team to set comms schedule & partner with onsite wellness committees



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