Bond With Your Spouse Thru Fitness

You don’t have to wait until you feel you’re drifting apart to find something that both you and your husband or wife enjoy doing together. You can bond with your spouse thru fitness. I have many couples in Houston who come together and find it’s a perfect way to spend time together. When you workout together, you boost the results of the workout. Learning to eat healthier is also a benefit when both people do it.

Your benefits show in all areas of your life, including the bedroom.

Working out improves the sex drive in both men and women. That makes it even more important for both people to participate. The act of building muscles boosts men’s human growth hormone—HGH—levels, which then increases testosterone levels, leading to increased arousal levels. It increases a woman’s receptiveness to touch and arousal stimuli. It also burns off the hormones of stress in both male and female, while boosting endorphin levels. That makes people far more receptive to romance.

A healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy, too.

One of the biggest problems faced by people who start a healthy eating program is that their family doesn’t want to participate. If it’s the children, it’s not a problem. They don’t get to insist on what you put on the table, but with a spouse, it’s different. It means making two meals if you’re the cook or making your own meal and fighting the urge to eat what the family eats, if you’re not. You can shop together to make healthy meals and enjoy finding delicious recipes together.

Having a spouse as a workout buddy is convenient.

There’s nothing like having your workout partner keeping you accountable and it’s even easier if they live with you. Sometimes you won’t feel like working out and your spouse can help into the mood. Other times, you’ll be leading them to the gym. Being made accountable is one reason people use personal trainers and also a reason working out with a spouse can boost success. You’ll stay more motivated when you workout with a spouse.

  • It’s more fun when you workout together. It brings new energy to the workout and can lead to other activities like bike riding, hiking and rock climbing. There’s no end to the adventures you’ll have.
  • Studies show that after doing a physical task or working out together, satisfaction levels for the relationship increase, as well as the feeling of love.
  • When only one spouse takes charge of their fitness, sometimes the other sabotages efforts, concerned they’ll be left behind. Starting a program together eliminates the threat.
  • You’ll build a world where you have more in common. Both of you will be equally excited about the changes and understand why certain accomplishments are important.

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